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Class Notes

US History and Government II

Honors Homepage

Regular Homepage


Civics Homepage.


Econ/POD Homepage.

20th Century US History

20th Century US History Homepage

World Cultures

World Cultures Homepage

Open House

Open House 2008/2009

Open House 2009/2010

Student Projects

A New Wiki!!!!

Mr. Sal's Students' Project Wiki


The new site for publishing student projects!

2010/2011 School year

Scavenger Hunt

One Day on Earth

2007/2008 School Year

Civics' Discussion Boards.

Political Party Project

Scavenger Hunt

Student Blog Information

Twentieth Century President's Project.

2008/2009 School Year Player Page

Electoral College Debate

Fireside Chat Projects

Google Earth Project

PBS Projects

Propaganda Project

Video Your Vote Project

This Project is in partnership with PBS and YouTube.

Public Service Announcements

Civics PSA's

Econ/POD/Psych/Soc PSA's

2009/2010 School Year

PBS Projects

Senior Projects

2007-2008 Senior Project

2008-2009 Senior Project

Student Resources

Alaska Information-Coming Soon!!!!! Page

Citizenship News

Creative Commons Information- Resources are now available at the New Brighton CFF wiki.

Consumer Responsibility

Member's Ideas.

Missed Assignments

MLA Help Page

Mr.Sal's Classroom News

Mr. Sal's Test and Quiz Review Page

Personality and Career Research Page

Political Ad Links

Research Tips

Selective Service Information Page


Works Cited Resources used to create this site.

Educator Resources

New Brighton Area School District's CFF Homepage.

Resources for Educators

Video Conference Tips currently under construction.

Video Tutorial Page

Misc. Links

About Mr. Sal Just some information about the administrator of this site.

Approved Bookmarks and other useful resource links.

Student Contributors


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New Brighton Area School District CFF Wiki

New Brighton Area Elementary School Wiki.

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Mrs. Schiding's History Wiki

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Guest Speakers

French/Japanese Food Presentation

Access the May 21, 2008, presentation here.


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